Work Group Minutes

Sunflower, Soybean and Soybean Food Forum
Meeting held on 23 May 2023 by means of a virtual platform (MS Teams)

  1. Opening

    Mr Gerhard Keun opened the meeting with prayer.

  2. Welcome

    The Chairperson, Mr Ralf Küsel, welcomed everybody present at the meeting.

  3. Attendance

    Via MS Teams

    Mr R Küsel Chairperson
    Mr N Bangani ARC-AP
    Mr A Bennett SACTA
    Mr JD Boshoff Consolidated Agricultural Services
    Mr J Botma OAC
    Dr E Briedenhann PRF/OAC
    Mr T Clark RCL Foods
    Mr C Cloete Rolfes Agri
    Mr GP de Beer PRF Contractor
    Ms AS de Beer ARC-GCI
    Mr S de Jager COFCO
    Dr J Dreyer PRF
    Mr G Kgatle Grain SA
    Mr J Kotze SACOTA
    Dr S Lamprecht ARC-PPRI
    Mr K Leeuw ARC
    Mr W Lemmer Agbiz Grain
    Ms C Leswifi DALRRD
    Mr CJ Louw Grain SA
    Ms W Louw SAGL
    Mr P Lovelace CEOCO/SAOPA
    Dr S Ma'ali ARC-GCI
    Mr S Mahlangu SACTA
    Prof F Meyer PRF
    Mr V Mpumza JSE
    Mr W Oosthuizen Grain SA
    Ms H Otterman BFAP
    Mr L Phaleng AFMA
    Mr T Prinsloo ARC
    Mr C Rasoesoe DTIC
    Dr L Rothmann UFS
    Ms M Scheepers DALRRD
    Mr B Schultz SAGIS
    Mr P Sebothoma ARC
    Mr C Stander Stellenbosch University
    Dr D Strydom Grain SA
    Ms F Sundani NAMC
    Mr A Theron PRF
    Mr N van Burick Landbouweekblad
    Mr C van Coller Farmer
    Ms S van der Merwe Corteva
    Dr A van der Vyver SACOTA
    Mr K van Huyssteen SANSOR
    Mr W van Pletsen Agricol
    Mr W van Wyk PRF
    Ms H Viljoen Grain SA
    Prof BJ Vorster UP/FABI
    Ms M du Preez PRF
    Ms A Schoeman PRF


    Ms L Bronkhorst ARC-GCI
    Mr H Davies Eden Social Development Foundation
    Mr J du Plessis Grain SA
    Ms L Mellett NAMC
  4. Personalia

    None reported.

  5. Confirmation of the agenda

    The Agenda was confirmed with the following additions:

    • Item 17.1 – Agbiz Grain Food Safety Conduct
    • Item 17.2 – Grain Depot Manager and Grain Grader Curriculum
    • Item 17.3 – LEAF Services
  6. Approval of minutes

    1. Minutes of a meeting of the Sunflower, Soybean and Soybean Food Forum held on 31 January 2023 and referral to website


      1. That the minutes of the Sunflower, Soybean and Soybean Food Forum held on 31 January 2023 be accepted as a true and fair reflection of that meeting, and that the minutes be referred to the Oilseeds Industry's website for publication.

        Ms Du Preez
        Steering Committee

  7. Current oil seed prices: local and international

    Dr E Briedenhann gave a brief overview and did a presentation on the current status of the national and international soybean and sunflower markets, with aspects such as production, prices, demand and supply, amongst others, being covered.

  8. SAGIS

    The contents of the latest SAGIS Weekly Bulletin and the latest Monthly Bulletin included in Annexure B were noted. Cognisance was taken that this and other data were published on the SAGIS website.

    Mr Schultz gave a short presentation in respect of the SAGIS information.

  9. South African Supply and Demand Estimates Committee (SASDEC)

    The latest Supply and Demand Estimates Committee report included in Annexure C was noted.

    Ms F Sundani from the NAMC gave a short presentation on the latest supply and demand estimates.

    The contents of the document, included in Addendum 1, Annexure H, were noted and discussed.

    After a discussion of the matter, it was supported by the committee members and recommended to the OAC for approval once a quote has been received from SAGIS for the inclusion of "Soybean export of products" in the monthly SASDE report.


    1. That it be noted that a quote is awaited from SAGIS for the inclusion of "Soybean export of products" in the monthly SASDE report.

      Mr Keun
      Steering Committee

  10. Crop estimates

    1. Latest crop estimates: Soybeans and Sunflower

      A presentation was delivered on the Crop Estimates Committee's view on the preliminary areas planted for soybeans and sunflower for 2023. An overview was provided of the areas planted with sunflower and soybeans during the period 2010-2023.

  11. Producer matters: Sunflower and Soybeans

    1. KwaZulu-Natal

      1. General

        Mr R Küsel mentioned that the harvesting of soybeans have been completed and that the yields are above average. He also mentioned that the farmers were experimenting by growing cover crops between soybean crops.

    2. Mpumalanga and Gauteng

      1. General

        Mr van Wyk mentioned that Mpumalanga and Gauteng had good harvests and that some yields were above 4 tons/ha. The "long growers" yielded below 2 tons/ha and didn't do as well as anticipated.

    3. North West and Limpopo Province

      1. General

        Mr G de Beer mentioned that the western parts of the North West and the Free State had good harvests. Problems were experienced with "green stem" and Sclerotinia was also detected at a later stage.

        Prof F Meyer mentioned that the yields of soybeans in the eastern parts of the North West were lower than anticipated. He referred to a dry spell between mid-January and mid-February which could be the cause of the lower yields.

    4. Free State

      1. General

        Mr J Botma mentioned that the Free State had an exceptionally good year. The farmers had a lot of hail at the beginning of May which caused some damage and shattering to the crops.

        Mr Botma also mentioned that there will be a decline in the hectares planted by soybeans in the next season due to maize plantings but that there was an overall bigger awareness of soybeans in the Free State.

    5. Eastern and Northern Cape and South Western Districts

      1. General

        No feedback.

  12. Soybean value chain

    Dr Briedenhann mentioned that the Soybean Value Chain were busy with:

    • Study on harvesting high-moisture soybeans;
    • Drying of soybeans; and
    • Soybean differential.
  13. Sunflower value chain

    Dr E Briedenhann reported that the following outstanding issues were being addressed:

    • Incentives of using high oil seed; and
    • Sunflower Symposium hosted by the OAC on the 25th of April 2023.
  14. Research

    1. Soybeans

      1. National cultivar trials

        Ms A de Beer gave a presentation and did a brief overview of the National Soybean cultivar trials.

      2. Soybean rust

        Dr J Dreyer mentioned that less soybean rust had been reported.

        Mr R Küsel mentioned that warmer areas are more susceptible to soybean rust than cooler areas.

      3. Sclerotinia

        Dr Lisa Rotmann presented some background on the South African Sclerotinia Research Network (SASRN) regarding the "Foundation, Building the Network and Servants & Structure".

        The following info were mentioned during her presentation:

        • The SASRN write articles for the Oilseeds focus, SAGrain and Pula Imvula magazines;
        • The SASRN is also active on Facebook;
        • The SASRN in conjunction with the ARC, ARC-Grain Crops, University of the Free State, Stel­len­bosch University and Western Cape Department of Agriculture are involved in research done at the SASRN and gave some background on the Program Leaders, Collaborators and Post Graduates;
        • Dr Rothmann will be hosting a workshop at the 53rd Biennial Congress of the Southern African Society for Plant Pathology (SASPP) taking place from the 21st to the 25th of January 2024.
      4. Rhizobium

        Mr Keun referred to the list of registered inoculants included in the Agenda as Annexure E.

      5. Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS)

        Prof S Lamprecht mentioned that the continuation application for the project "Sudden death syndrome of soybean in South Africa: Etiology, detection and management" have been approved by the Oilseeds Advisory Committee. Prof Lamprecht also mentioned that the cultivars that Ms A de Beer included in her trials will also be included in this project.

    2. Sunflower

      1. National cultivar trials

        Dr S Ma'ali gave a brief overview by way of a presentation of the National Sunflower Cultivar Trials.

      2. Alternaria

        No feedback.

      3. Sclerotinia

        The matter was discussed under item 14.1.3.

  15. Technology transfer

    1. Articles

      The contents of the document, included in Annexure F, were noted.

    2. Sunflower highlights

      The contents of the document, included in Annexure G, were noted.

    3. Information Days 2023

      The Chairperson requested that any dates of "Information Days" be forwarded to the Administration for distribution to the SSSFF members.

    4. Videos

      The Chairperson requested that educational videos be forwarded to Ms Du Preez for uploading on the website.

    5. Oilseeds Focus

      No feedback.

    6. Yield Competition: Grain SA

      No feedback.

  16. Other matters

    1. Chemicals and inoculants

      No feedback.

    2. Fertilisers

      No feedback.

    3. Seed/cultivars

      1. Seed certification

        No feedback.

    4. Processing

      No feedback.

    5. Trading

      1. Exports

        No feedback.

    6. Consumers and soybean food

      Mr Keun mentioned that there was no new information to report.

    7. Dispute Resolution Process

      (Resolution 16.7.1 of The Sunflower, Soybean and Soybean Food Forum of 31/01/2023)

      Mr W Lemmer mentioned that Agbiz Grain contracted the SAGL to evaluate an appropriate sampling apparatus for dispute resolution purposes. As soon as the evaluation has been completed by the SAGL the sampling and dispute resolution protocol can be completed.


      1. That it be noted that a draft document on the "Sampling procedure" was awaited from Agbiz Grain.

        Mr Lemmer

    8. JSE/SAFEX Feedback

      No feedback.

    9. SACTA: Feedback

      Mr A Bennett gave feedback on the following:

      • Annual Information Session – Hybrid Meeting at the Grain Building Auditorium – 1 August 2023
      • Website (www.sactalevy.co.za)
      • Continuation of Soybean levy
        • 1 March 2023 – 29 February 2024 – R66/ton excluding VAT
        • 1 March 2024 – 28 February 2025 – R92/ton excluding VAT
      • Levy Collection and Distribution
      • Performance
      • Transformation Feedback
      • Transformation Projections
    10. Request from GrainSA: Weekly information on sunflower and soybean oilcake imports and exports

      (Resolution 16.10.1 of The Sunflower, Soybean and Soybean Food Forum of 31/01/2023)

      Dr D Strydom mentioned that a meeting still needs to be arranged with the Competition Commission regarding the matter and that feedback will be given to the SSSFF members at the next meeting.


      1. That it be noted that a meeting still needs to be arranged with the Competition Commission with regards to collecting information on "Weekly information on sunflower and soybean oilcake imports and exports".

        Dr Strydom
        Mr Louw
        Mr Keun

    11. Weed and Weed Resistance

      1. Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri)

        Prof J Vorster from UP/FABI gave a presentation on the work done by the South African Herbicide Resistance Initiative (SAHRI) on herbicide on Amaranthus and addressed questions that were raised after his presentation.

  17. Additional matters

    1. Agbiz Grain Food Safety Conduct

      Mr W Lemmer mentioned that Agbiz Grain has implemented an Agbiz Grain Food Safety Conduct, listing all the legal requirements that the sector has to comply with. The Conduct is referenced in the storage agreements of the respective Agbiz Grain members.

    2. Grain Depot Manager and Grain Grader Curriculum

      Mr W Lemmer mentioned that Agbiz Grain introduced a grain depot manager and grain grader course. The QCTO process is completed and students were ready to enrol for the course. Agbiz Grain expects a significant uptake by students over the following three years. Currently, Agbiz Grain awaits proposals or applications for a suitable candidate to manage the administrative process.

    3. LEAF Services

      Mr W Lemmer mentioned that Agbiz Grain flags the reintroduction of the consultation process between DALRRD (Assignee) and the stakeholders under the PAJA. Annelise Crosby (Agbiz) facilitates the engagement among stakeholders. A follow-up meeting facilitated by Agbiz was expected before DALRRD embarks on a renewed consultation process.

  18. Dates of meetings for 2023

    • 4 October 2023
  19. Adjournment

    There being no further business for discussion, the meeting was adjourned.