Terms of Reference

1 August 2016, Version 01


To meet the challenges of an ever changing environment in which the groundnut industry operates and to foster common interest, the SAGF provide a central representative body and an open, transparent and inclusive platform for all role-players in the groundnut industry to participate and make inputs and decisions on the strategic direction for the industry as well as recommendations as to how identified goals and objectives may be achieved.

Often, conflict exist between the interest of agriculture on the one hand and commercial trade on the other. The SAGF serves as a bridging mechanism between all sectors with the aim to find general agreement and understanding in these matters. It further allows for a platform on which matters of common interest and concern can be voiced, discussed and considered for unified action or strategy.

This body thus represents the collective voice and basic organisational structure for the local groundnut industry, allowing for relevant, recognised and legitimate representation, to related bodies, authorities and other interested parties on any aspect relating to the groundnut industry in South Africa.

Participation in the body is on a registered, but voluntary basis for any directly affected parties or groups, and it must be understood that it will, by no means, assume the form or function of a control or regulatory body. It will also not interfere with the rights and functions of any sector of the industry, but will serve as a link between role-players whereby common interest and problems may be addressed to the wider benefit and sustainability of the industry, generating consumer confidence and customer recognition of the industry's integrity, objectives and ideals, leading to credibility for the industry in the public domain.

To this end, the following are required:

  • Active participation and attendance of meetings by members and government representatives.
  • Objective and informed consideration of inputs from all stakeholders – both private and governmental in order to ensure effective and efficient prioritising and action with regards to information dissemination, research, technology development and transfer.
  • Emphasis on the advisory and consultative aspects of forum activities.
  • Facilitation of information sharing among the role players on: on-going research and development; statutory measures or developments; available market and relating information; available resources and access thereto.
  • Meaningful inputs to ensure effective application of research and technology transfer capacities at all levels in the interest of having a positive impact on all levels of the industry;
  • Promotion and support of effective co-ordination and collaboration on a national and international level, affecting legislation, agricultural research, technology development and transfer.
  • Relationships of trust and goodwill amongst stakeholders.
  • Recognition of a broader industry strategy supported by all members and that all members of the forum have a role to play in implementing the sector strategy.

In pursuance of these guidelines, the South African Groundnut Forum (SAGF) established these terms of reference to guide its activities.

 Complete Terms of Reference
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 Complete Terms of Reference
12 pages [ ± 625KB ]